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"I would like to thank you for your work to save my home. Defend Your Mortgage LLC. did everything I contracted them to do. They provided a sense of relief for me and my family. They were professional and legal in their goal to save our home. Thanks so much."

Karen and Jay

"Over the past two years we had experienced the frustration of the foreclosure process. For about a year, we tried on our own, along with the help of a “Brand-X” firm, to get a modification of our mortgage loan, but without any success. During that year, the bank toyed with us by repeatedly claiming that we had not provided them with all of the necessary requested documents. To the contrary, we repeatedly sent in all of the documents that were requested.

Ultimately, we were informed that we did not qualify for a modification. In the interim, we received a letter from Defend Your Mortgage. At the time, we were praying for God to help and direct us. In their letter we took note of the following which said, “We believe your mortgage is a Predatory or Fraudulent loan that has Federal and NJ State Violations. Statistics show over 85% of mortgages done between 2000 and 2008 are fraudulent. If proven to be, your lender must restructure your loan, eliminate all your past due payments and fees, lower your monthly payment to fit your budget, lower your interest rate, and put you back on track to succeed in your American Dream.” We truly felt that we were victims of a predatory/ fraudulent mortgage loan.

As a result of retaining Defend Your Mortgage and their recommended attorney, we ultimately received a surprising mortgage modification from the bank. Our mortgage amount was decreased by almost half and our monthly payments were reduced by over $1,500. To this day, we thank God that we opened that letter from Defend Your Mortgage and called them. They were worth more than the money paid. We could have saved even more money had we gone to them first instead of hiring the other firm that took our money without providing any results. Defend Your Mortgage and its employees deliver the results they promise."

Forever Grateful,

Joe of Northeast New Jersey




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